K9 Leo Cilantro + Dark Coconut Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle
K9 Leo Cilantro + Dark Coconut Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle
$ 24.00

K9 Leo Cilantro + Dark Coconut Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle


This is the seventh candle of our K9 Collection. Inspired by K9 Leo from the Burke County Sheriff's Office in Georgia. Leo is a six-year-old Belgian Malinois certified in narcotics detection, criminal apprehension, tracking for the purposes of lost or missing persons, and apprehension of fleeing suspects. 

 K9 Leo is the Partner of Seargeant Michael Swint. Despite spending his days working in the community or the constant training, Leo lives at home with his handler and is incredibly gentle with children. We personally enjoy watching all aspects of K9 Leo's life displayed on his Instagram Page. 

March is also Leo's birthday month. March 2nd, Leo will turn 7. You can follow Leo and Sergeant Swint on their Instagram page @_k9_leo 

Fox + Hound is excited to collaborate with this team and is donating a portion of the proceeds back to Fox + Hound Foundation so we can Give Back Directly For Leo's Retirement.

Other candles on the market may cover the smell of your dog, but our odor-eliminating soy candles will neutralize unwanted scents and completely remove them. This Sweet coconut and pineapple combined with fresh green herbs and slightly nutty cardamom. It is the perfect candle all year round. It even works to remove the smell of a pet or other household odors.

 This delightfully fresh coconut-pineapple aroma blended with a cool and refreshing cilantro herb fragrance is a sophisticated scent that smells amazing in any room.

* Premium soy wax blend with a double wick

Contains Essential Oils of Cardamom from Guatemala + Ginger from Madagascar

*16 oz (454g)
* Approx. 50 hour burn time