K9 Rio Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle Rio
K9 Rio Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle Rio
K9 Rio Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle Rio
K9 Rio Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle Rio
K9 Rio Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle Rio
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K9 Rio Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle Rio

K9 Collection.  

K9 Rio

This is the sixth candle of our K9 Collection inspired by K9 Rio from the Statesboro Police Department in Georgia.

K9 Rio is the Partner of Corporal Kyle Briley. Rio is an eight-year-old K9 who serves the community of Statesboro, Georgia!

Rio is a single purpose narcotics detection K-9 and has assisted in numerous arrests. Along with his partner, Corporal Briley, they represent the K9 Unit at community events throughout the year. Rio is always eager to work hard, train hard and proves his devotion to his partner everyday. February is also Rio's birthday month. February 19th, Rio will turn 9. You can follow Rio and Corporal Briley on Georgia Police K9 Foundations Social Media sites. 

Instagram: @georgiapolicek9foundation  Facebook: Georgia Police K9 Foundation  

Corporal Kyle Briley is the founder of the Georgia Police K9 Foundation. Kyle also serves as the President of the Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to protect and serve active and retired law enforcement K9s throughout Georgia by providing equipment, training, and care. This Foundation consists of a volunteer team made up of K9 handlers, law enforcement professionals, and citizens. The Foundation relies on Charitable Donations which are tax deductible. 

Fox + Hound is excited to collaborate with this team and are donating a portion of the proceeds back to  Georgia Police K9 Foundation  


Other candles on the market may cover the smell of your dog, but our odor-eliminating soy candle will neutralize unwanted scents and completely remove them. Rio is a warm, celebratory scent . This is the most refreshing candle we have created. Imagine the intoxicating scent of sophisticated citrus rinds and warming spices, muddled together filling the air on a Sunset walk in the Tropics. This warm fruity explosion is an absolute staple fragrance for your home. It even works to remove the smell of pet, smoke or other household odors.


* Premium soy wax blend with double wick

*16 oz (454g)
* Approx. 50 hour burn time