K9 Jacky Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle - Pomelo + Lime
$ 24.00

K9 Jacky Odor-Eliminator Soy Candle - Pomelo + Lime

K9 Collection. 

K9 Jacky 

Inspired by K9 Jacky. Jacky is a 3 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, certified in explosive detection. K9 Jacky spends her days with her Partner, Officer Charlie Berry, working on the Transit Police Division in Portland Oregon. Together they work
sweeping trains, buses, and train stations.

When Jacky isn't working you'll find her playing fetch, swimming, playing with her cat brother or hiking.

We love watching K9 Jacky and her handler share their day and we watch it all play out on their Instagram  @k9jacky    Make sure you are following them! 

Other candles on the market may cover the smell of your dog, but our odor-eliminating soy candles will neutralize unwanted scents and completely remove them. Create an Island Type environment for any room in your home with this classic, sweet citrus scent.

Fill your space with the enchanting and tropical scent of the unforgettably Pomelo + Lime and escape to the Islands with every light!

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils. Notes include sweet grapefruit, mandarin, and tangerine, rounding out with a hint of lime and peach. It is perfect all year round. It even works to remove the smell of smoke or other household odors.


* Premium soy wax blend with a double wick

*16 oz (454g)
* Approx. 50 hour burn time