Odor Eliminator Soy Candle - Tonka & Oud
$ 28.00

Odor Eliminator Soy Candle - Tonka & Oud

Introducing the Fox + Hound Tonka Oud Odor Eliminator Soy Candle – a luxurious and effective solution to transform your space into a haven of freshness. This exquisite soy candle combines the captivating scents of Tonka and Oud to not only eliminate unwanted odors but also to fill your home with a warm and inviting ambiance.

Tonka Oud is a captivating scent that marries the warm and comforting notes of Tonka bean with the rich and exotic fragrance of Oud wood. The combination results in a sophisticated and alluring aroma that is both sweet and earthy, creating a sense of warmth and luxury. The sweet vanilla-like essence of Tonka bean harmonizes with the deep and resinous undertones of Oud, producing a fragrance that is both timeless and enchanting.

Crafted with care, the Fox + Hound Tonka Oud Odor Eliminator Soy Candle is made from high-quality soy wax, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn. The unique blend of Tonka and Oud creates a sophisticated fragrance profile that is both comforting and alluring, making it perfect for any room in your home.

Whether you're dealing with cooking odors in the kitchen, pet smells in the living room, or just want to enhance the overall atmosphere, this soy candle is your go-to solution. The carefully selected scents work harmoniously to neutralize unpleasant odors, leaving behind a delightful and lasting fragrance that lingers even after the candle is extinguished.

Each Fox + Hound candle is housed in an elegant and reusable container, adding a touch of style to your home decor. The beautiful packaging makes it an ideal gift for friends and loved ones who appreciate both luxury and practicality.

Experience the perfect combination of odor elimination and sensory indulgence with the Fox + Hound Tonka Oud Odor Eliminator Soy Candle. Elevate your living spaces with this sophisticated candle that goes beyond just masking odors – it transforms your home into a sanctuary of pure delight.

16 oz